Perfectly Basics (PB) has grown into one of the most beautiful webshops in and around The Netherlands.


PB NXT Is the starting point of all developments concerning technical and organizational changes within Perfectlybasics in 2018.


We’re delighted to share our favorite tracks with you through PerfectMoods webradio. As Perfectly Basics’ younger soul sister.


Meet Peter & Birgit

A solid team for years now, both on and offline! This power couple is the driving force behind Perfectly Basics, which once started from their home attic. PB has grown steadily in the last decade, all thanks to Birgit and Peter's vision on fashion and online shopping.

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Sinds 2006


Perfectly Basics is a independent Dutch online fashion retailer, located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Launched in 2006, Perfectly Basics stands for the finest edit of international premium fashion and beauty brands.

All business processes of PB are executed in-house: customer service, styling, photo shoots, marketing, production, IT and warehousing. Today, the online multi-brand fashion boutique represents more than 100 brands and is positioned as the premium online fashion web shop of the Netherlands.

That's right!

influential female

Birgit Van Den Beemt-Blaas is selected by Thenextwomen as one of the 100 most successful and influential female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands for 5 years now.

Peter Blaas-Van Den Beemt
Winner Haarlem Business Award 2015

Peter Blaas-Van Den Beemt
Semi finalist Best 6 entrepreneurs Haarlemseondernemersprijs 2014

Peter Blaas-Van Den Beemt
Semi finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 The Netherlands.

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Peter & Birgit

Skill set

Strength of our team

Concept of fashion and skills

At PB we believe in the strength of our own team. So, all our activities are executed under one 2000m2 roof in Haarlem. From styling to photography and from branding to the logistic process - our short lines of communication create a pleasant working atmosphere with room for quick thinking.

Creative ideas can be realized short term and problem solving occurs swiftly.

Working on new projects
Managing & SEO

10 years PB Party

For a long time the whole PB team worked towards the big moment that finally arrived the 10th of November 2016! It was finally time for us to celebrate 10 years of Perfectly Basics, with the ultimate party. And what a great success it was! With over 350 guests we enjoyed good music from Boys Boys Boys, lovely wines from The Grape District, delicious appetizers from Major Barbeques and the festive decorated Lichtfabriek. The photo booth was unimaginably popular - resulting in more than 700 charming, funny, cute and unique pictures! And not to forget: the specially-made Candy Bar (Papa PB) full of sweets and treats.

11 jaar

Peter & Birgit reizen jaarlijks heel wat kilometers af om op zoek te gaan naar de nieuwste merken in modeland. Samen richtte zij 11 jaar terug Perfectly Basics op. Een high-fashion webshop dat ooit startte vanuit een zolderverdieping en nu werk verschaft aan een team van ruim 30 personen (voornamelijk vrouwen), met nog grootse plannen in het vooruitzicht!

10 years PB
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